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Gorge Hotels: We've got the gorge covered. With 4 hotels from Troutdale to Pasco, you are assured quality, comfort and the best value. We love having you here.
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Passport to The Gorge

Stay at Celilo Inn and receive our Free Tasting booklet. Includes Free wine tasting to over 5 wineries in the Mid-Columbia Gorge and 1/2 off local museum admissions.

Summer Concerts & Fall Grape Crush

Maryhill Winery has 2 more concerts in August and September. Fall Crush events start around end of September.

Special Deals

Celilo Inn, The Dalles

Celilo Inn is now offering Wine Tour, Room-ance and Adventure Packages!

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Group rates for more than 4 rooms.

Hike of the Month

Take a stroll along the Klicitat River and swim
in a quiet canyon. Located by the bridge next to
Lyle Wa, this hike is flat and winds along the river.